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2010-09-29 11:43 pm

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Dear Robert Henke,

Thank you for the music that you make.

I saw you *twice* at Decibel Festival this year. Honestly, you were the person I most wanted to see.

I can not accurately describe what your work means to me. It touches me on many levels - sad, happy, still, moving, chaotic, logical. I only had to hear "polygon cities" once to completely fall into it.

When I saw that you'd be at decibel this year, I was so excited. I bought passes for myself and my boyfriend (who was the one who introduced me to you) within a few days of that announcement. If I got to see you once, it was worth the price of the passes.

(we did see LOTS more than you - we were out almost every night of Decibel.)

When i realized you were on the Optical showcase, I took time off from work that i explained away confidently. I had to see you. When we entered the stadium, I sat as close to center as possible, I didn't mind sharing space with the AV person. What I did not know was that the AV person was not a friend or hired hand of yours to do the visuals, but it was YOU.

When i did realize that, and it was about 10 minutes in, I was completely starstruck in a way. In the way that people do "Oh, I don't want to be an asshole!". This was after you said that you were nervous (And later i thought, WHY?? Does he not know he's AWESOME?) to a friend?, another dB person?. When you ended your set, I clapped politely, but i REALLY wanted to tell you how much love I had for your work.

I regret i never said anything to you. I didn't want to be creepy.

Then i saw you on Sunday and i danced my ass off. i blew my ears out. I was so happy to see you, and then, at the end of your set, your brilliant, shy smile came out, I wanted to run up to the stage and tell you how much i loved your music.

Thank you for making my heart feel happy - and to be honest, hearing you say you were nervous, when you could have been a giant jerk at db and people would have been totally forgiving, was something wonderful.
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2010-09-26 01:38 pm

The Herb Farm dinner

So, some people wanted to know what we ate at the Herb Farm.

1st Course:
small tastes of melons paired with meats or cheese.
Cantaloupe with Mangalista procuitto & mint
Honeydew with oyster & tarragon
Watermelon, Foie Gras torchon, pickled melon rind and lavender salt
Canary melon, Larkhaven Farm Tonasket feta, hot pepper and oregano
Paired with Capitello Oregon Brut and a crushed lemon verbena leaf.

Wine: excellent. The cantouple and procuitto was an odd combo for me, I kind of didn't like it. The foie gras pate was a bit on the salty side, but i did like it. This was the first time I had raw oysters and didn't get grossed out by their flavor/texture. The feta was the best part.

2nd course:
Alaskan King Crab with radishes, cucumber, shisho and heritage tomato water with Japanese prickly ash leaf.
Paired with 2009 Maison Bleue Roussanne, La Vallee du Soleil.

Wine: This one was a winner. We both loved it. The dish itself was delicious, and i poured the tomato water in the bowl and the combo was awesome. Loved it.

3rd course:
Wood roasted Chantrells and russet Burbank potato gnocchi, crispy (read deep fried) buttermilk-braised Tamworth pork shoulder, buttered corn sauce & chives.
Paired with 2008 Crowley Chardonnay

Wine: it was really good for a chardonnay. The dish, OTOH, was amazing and the buttered corn sauce was plate lickable. And anything with mushrooms is instantly yum.

4th course:
Slow-roasted king salmon on parsley puree with lemon thyme & Parsley salad, and grilled and laqured veal sweetbreads with celery root puree.
Paired with 2008 Andrew Rich Pinot Noir.

This course was good, but not exactly memorable to me. I'd never had sweetbreads before and I'm not sure i want to eat them again. The texture was weird to me.

5th course:
Grilled Jeff Rogers pastured lamb loin, crisp braised-lamb pave with viennoise, lamb jus, marjoram and whole roasted young farm vegetables.
Paired with 2004 Corliss Estates cabernet franc.

The dish was pretty good until I mixed the lamb pave with the lamb jus. Then it became AMAZING. Unfortunately, i found that out a little late and only had one bite of that wonderful combo. Oh, but it was really very delicious.

6th course: Sally Jackson sheep cheese with rye crumbles, cider vinegar pie and a Western Washington Gravenstein apple salad.

Basically a deconstructed apple pie. It was very delicious, and boy to Washingtonians love their apples. For good reason too.

7th course: Bay-Goat's milk yogurt panna cotta with caramelized Holmquist hazelnuts and elephant heart plum froth.

At this point, the dishes become unmemorable because I'm like "Another dessert? Really?" It really is too much food.

8th course: Eggplant and prune cake with roasted pear sorbet, warm pear fritter, pear salad, rosemary caramel sauce with Salish sea salt and a milk chocolate flourish.

This was a very tasty dessert. And even though it was small, I was still like "more dessert? Really?" I was a bit too full at this point.

9th course: Coffee and house churned Jersey cow butter, yeasted corn bread and a couple of other things.

The coffee i chose was Brasil Monte Alegre Bourbon. There were also little treats to eat, including the worlds smallest lavender-zucchini cupcake.

Paired with 2005 Thurston-Wolfe JTW Reserve Ruby Port

By the time I left, I was so stuffed that I was uncomfortable sitting. It's great that you get a lot of bang for your buck (you really do!) but when you eat so much you are uncomfortable, it takes the shine off the experience.

It was a very lovely dinner tough, and they even printed up a little card with anniversary wishes for us with our names on it. That was very sweet.

Probably the most decadent meal i will ever have.

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2010-09-13 12:38 am

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Also, i think I have some dreamwidth invites if any friends want to defect over too. I do love the fact that my old entries from LJ can be xferred over here.
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2010-09-13 12:20 am

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Ok, so I've gotten most everything transferred over, but the LJ transfer has stopped at May 30, 2008. Is there a cap on how many entries can be transferred? It's no biggie...i can ALWAYS delete all of my private posts (ones before Jan 1 2009). Lord knows i really don't need to have those handy, though i do go back and read entries from time to time. Maybe one day I'll read every entry from 2001 to now.

NEVERMIND. All the entries were successfully xfered.
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2010-09-12 11:42 pm

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I guess if people are going to defect, I might as well set this up.
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2010-09-09 08:38 am

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LJ user icon now with the power of Joan's scorn.
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2010-09-05 11:21 pm

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Wow. Did not know Ivy did the soundtrack to Shallow Hal. Interesting.

Anyway, had a lovely night last night just hanging out with Nic, then we went to Vashon Island today and visited our friend Karrie. It was a very lovely day, we saw chickens, alpacas, baby goats and our favorite bull, Steakie, though we did find out he will probably be "harvested" this coming fall. HOW CAN YOU EAT STEAKIE? He's the most sweetest awesomest bull ever - like Ferdinand. We haven't seen him in 9 months, and he has gotten HUGE, but he was still trying to lick and play with us. I hope something happens where he gets spared.

So, the farm that Kerrie is working at (where the chickens and goats and stuff were) the owner of the farm was amazingly sweet and immediately invited us to lunch, which was - wow. Everything tasted so great. I could not get over the cornbread - not mealy, but soft, buttery and sweet.

It was a very nice, calm, relaxing day.

A picture of Steakie last year:
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2010-08-29 09:46 pm

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Today when we went to Uwajimaya (the most awesome Asian with a Japanese focus grocery store on the West Coast) they had some booths out with Japanese style street food. It was pretty rad. We were heading to Samurai Noodle to have ramen (which was also rad, as usual) but we stopped to have a little okonomiyaki, which was delicious, as well. I was a bit full fro the ramen, so i didn't eat much, but it was good anyway. I really love the fact that the Asian focus in Seattle is Japanese - I've never had better sushi and i've totally fallen in love with noodles here. Though, i think those flat Thai style rice noodle is my favorite.

Saw Ira Glass last weekend which was very funny and great. It's nice to watch him talk (I love his voice, I actually feel somewhat comforted by it.) couple with him explaining how he interviews and personal funny asides. I had lots of fun. Then on Wednesday, i saw Rufus Wainwright. It was a very emotional show, both for myself and for him. For me, his music holds a lot of memories of good times, missed friends and a failed love affair (he did actually play "This Love Affair" which I put on repeat a few drunken nights. He also played "Poses", "The Art Teacher", and "Grey Gardens" a few of my most favorite songs). I did cry a couple of times, and dear god that voice of his is so beautiful. For him, it was the last show of the tour, and a lot of the opening songs were about the death of his mother earlier this year. His sister was touring with him, and he started to get choked up when he realized that a) that would be the last time they sing together on the stage for a while and for b) that his mother, sister and himself always sang together and that was her favorite thing to do. He totally broke down at the end of the show, and i felt so heartbroken for him. I was feeling earlier in the evening kinda "Meh" about the show, but as soon as I heard his voice, i was so happy i went.

Work is going ok. It's a bit slow. But i still love everyone I work with, so that's a good thing. I love my boss Amy so much, she's so frikken hilarious.

Nic and I might be moving soon. He wants to wait another year to buy a house, which is fine. We just need a bigger place - we keep tripping over cats in our 800 sq ft apartment. His mom came over today and she mentioned that his step-dad's father's house was about to go up for rent. The rent is about the same as ours, but it's 2400 sq ft! The house is nice too, the only problem is that it's in West Seattle. It makes a lot of sense for us to rent this house - lots more space and it has a finished basement that we could possibly rent out, no credit checks or first months last months/deposit/pet deposit. I'm sure we'd be able to paint the walls too. His mother just wants someone to take care of the place until they put it on the market in a year or so. It's just that West Seattle is so far on the bus for me, and there isn't as much stuff within walking distance. Honestly, I'm ok with it. I'd take it now, if I could. I know Nic has some reservations living so close to his mother - we love her to death, but he's her favorite son and she wants to be very active in his life. :) Honestly, I'm glad I love his mom and step-dad so much. I've never felt this comfortable with a boyfriend's parents before.

Anyway, I think that's about it. Next big thing is the Herb Farm (anniversary dinner!) and Decibel Festival and The Flaming Lips next month, but that's not until the end of the month. I'm super excited about Decibel - so many great electronic acts coming it's crazy. And we have passes! YAY! (It was my anniversary gift to Nic. His to me is a Kindle - but it's on back order.)
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2010-08-16 03:11 pm

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After work Saturday afternoon, Nic said he had something for me in the car.

He hands me this paper grocery bag with something in it and says "here". I look in and go "WTF is that??" and hand it back, because I am so shocked at it. Inside was a Nikon D80 camera body. That shit is expensive, yo. He says that if I want, he can take it back (Uh, no!), but if i want it I have to sell my Canon Rebel XT and my two lenses and other accouterments to offset the price of the body. That's fine and fair, since he has a bazillion lenses for Nikon and has been trying to convert me for some time. I've not had enough money to even think about buying a new camera, though I've wanted to. And yes, i wanted to switch to Nikon because of the fact that he does have a lot of lenses and he knows Nikon much better than Canon. And even though the camera is used, it looks brand spanking new.

So, my boyfriend is, yet again, awesome.

I am still a little sad though. That little Canon was my only source of happiness during a very dark time. It was the one thing worth value that I didn't sell - wouldn't sell - even though i was pretty broke. I sold everything else I could really, but my camera and my (now dead) Mini were off limits. I bought that Canon right at the apex of my financial stability - the first kind of expensive gift I gave myself, even though i could have spent that money on more responsible things - and had i known that a month later my relationship would deteriorate to the point where that money was desperately needed, I wouldn't have bought it and i'd still be taking shitty pictures with my little Kodak 5 megapixel camera. My Canon and I have a STORY, and it's a beloved object, so i am sad to see it go.

I'm sure I'll love my Nikon, but maybe not as much, just for purely sentimental reasons.
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2010-08-15 11:35 pm

(no subject)

Mad Men has not disappointed this season. Some people have bitched about how slow and sad this season is, but I understand why it's been this way. 1965 was a sharp transition for America, the civil rights movement coming to a halt (and subsequent uprising) with the assassination of MLK, the Mod/Beatnik movement, the distrust of government going into Vietnam and the feminist movement. This show is addressing ALL of those things, one show at a time, while keeping it personal.

This show is amazing storytelling at it very core.

This Peggy centered episode makes me realize that I am a total Peggy fan. I sympathize with her a lot. Don is my favorite, but Peggy is me.
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2010-08-06 08:59 pm

I got proposed to!

By a random stranger.

I saw a lady dressed in a cowboy hat and veil, and asked if she was getting married. She said yes and i wished her grats. Then her sister asked if i would be willing to participate in a scavenger hunt thing where her friend had to make a ring and propose to a stranger. I was like "i'll totally do that!"

So her friend bent down on one knee and asked me to marry her. I of course accepted the ring of a fresh cut lavender and said yes. :)

But then she ran off, so i never even knew her name.
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2010-08-05 02:06 am

One more thing:

Code names for our cats:

Zoe: Princess Pokey Feet. Doey. Doughy. Bitchy.
Walter: Bad Kitty. Mr. Charming. Walters. Sweet Boy.
Bertrand: B. Fat Boy. Big Guy. Annyong (like from Arrested Development)

I have honestly thought of switching Bertrand's name to Annyong.
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2010-08-05 01:36 am

(no subject)

My last post has me thinking:

I say my life is boring a lot. It's really not. I have a full, active life. It could be more active, but I wouldn't want it that way. I like quiet and I like loud, so it's kinda balanced.

My life is recounted to strangers at least 30 or 40 times a week. That's not including clients I am almost silent with - I see about 10 or more of those a week. (this is in a slow week, bump up the numbers by 10 for each on a busy week.) The same things are said over and over "I live in Ballard." I'm from Austin." "I own cats" "I have a boyfriend that I'm very much in love with"...etc etc.

When you say the same thing over and over - it loses it's power. It becomes lessened. Boring. NOT boring to them or to you guys, but boring to me. And that makes me more reluctant to post about the things that i found so major at one point, because they seem so minor after I've told them to 50 strangers in my chair.

Granted, as you all know, if I'm struggling majorly with something, I'll post about it repeatedly until you all breathe a collective sigh of "chirst, she's talking about that again." But when life is good and even, even if it's a little bumpy here and there, I'm silent.

I'm sorry. It's just that I'm giving it to everyone else verbally.
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2010-07-28 05:23 pm

(no subject)

So... the Vidal Sassoon class was pretty good. Unfortunately, it was only two days and I felt like it didn't cover all the things I'd have liked to ask. The instructor was pretty awesome, though, super nice lady. I'm happy to have gone, no matter what - and my boyfriend is pretty awesome for gifting it to me. :)

Another thing...I got a new job. I'm working at Red Chair Salon now. I was very tired of being broke. Very tired. So far, Red Chair has been really busy and awesome, and I love my new owner and co-worker. It's smaller, too, only 3 of us right now. Amy (the owner) is an old goth, as well - and her husband (also owner and sometimes receptionist) loves good music. They are all very nice. So far, my tips have tripled, I rarely go home with less than $30 a day. Yesterday was an $83 tip day, it was freakin amazing. If i made more than $40 at Zero Zero, it was a very good day - and it was so rare.

Oh and after I dunno, 4 years of playing WoW off and on, i finally got my character to 60. Yes, JUST 60, but still. I don't play it for hours and hours, and usually when i do, i just mine or something.
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2010-07-21 11:26 pm

(no subject)

The movie "Moon" was sad. But brilliant.

Lovely lovely movie. I need to watch it again.
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2010-06-28 02:38 pm

(no subject)

This blog is awesome.

There are many more, and the blog was just started. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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2010-06-16 10:46 am

Reguarding the cop that punched the teenager

Ok, so...

A month or so ago, a cop here beat up a hispanic guy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was regarded as a suspect in a robbery. The cop was caught on video stomping on the guys head and saying racial things, while the guy was completely immobilized. It was bad - the cop and his partner were clearly in the wrong and have been disciplined as such. Honestly, I thought they should have gotten fired, but i think they are no longer on patrol and are undergoing further training.

A couple of days ago, a cop stopped a 19 yr old for jaywalking. As he was ticketing her, she started walking away and being an asshole towards him. He tried to physically restrain her, so he could give her the ticket. She started struggling. A crowd gathered, and someone started shooting a video. As he was restraining her, at this point, going to arrest her for resisting, she struggled harder and a crowd formed. Another person, this time a 17 yr old girl, came up to him and started pawing at his arm and yelling at him. He shrugged her off, focusing on the 19 yr old. the 17 yr old then came back at him and shoved him pretty hard, he then reacted (badly) by punching her and at that point, he focused on her to arrest her, which he eventually did.

Problems: the guy was alone. He had no partner there. There was a crowd and the two suspects were very combative and one was violent.

I do not think the force used was justified, BUT I can see why he reacted the way he did and why he did it. I do not fault him and I think the two teenagers are assholes and the girl jumping into the fray deserved to get punched.

I am tired of people seeing this as a race issue. he didn't punch the girl because she was black, he punched her because she wouldn't let him do his job. Black people are NOT the only ones who get ticketed for jaywalking in this city. Jaywalking is bad here, to the point of stupidity - I almost saw a guy get run over a week or so ago because he decided to cross the street in back of a parked car and not in cross walk that was maybe lest than 30 feet away from him. A car legally turned and didn't see the guy. The guy was startled and I screamed out of the car "That's what crosswalks are for!" People in Seattle are not good drivers anyway, I routinely avoid getting hit by cars while I'm in crosswalks with a walk sign.

So, now, because the two girls were black, it's a race issue and he should have just let the girls walk on by without ticketing them. I understand jaywalking is a light offense, but the officer was ticketing her and to let her go would be giving up his power of authority to keep and maintain peace and lawfulness. The girl should have just taken the god damn ticket instead of acting like a belligerent asshole.

Sorry, I was reading Jezebel and all the comments were "OMG! COPS ARE BAD! LOOK AT THAT RACISIT WOMAN HATING COP!" It made *me* want to punch some commentators in the face.
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2010-06-07 01:06 am

(no subject)

The delicious Thai i ate earlier is making my tummy very angry.

Nic and I went bed frame shopping today. We picked out: I'm excited.

We also went over to our friend's Karen and Greg's to check out their 1 week old baby boy. I forgot how tiny new babies are.

It's still raining and it's cold enough to wear a hoodie every day, still. I don't mind the rain, I just want it to warm up.
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2010-06-03 09:17 am

(no subject)

I had a bad foggy brain day yesterday. You know, sad with no real reason to be and just upset and crying for no reason.

My boyfriend was sweet and kind and patient. He also took me to get a Chicken Katsu Bento after he held me for a little bit and just tried to snuggle the blues away.

He is awesome.
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2010-05-27 05:17 pm

(no subject)

Ok, last post. Promise.

Since SF, i haven't been up to much. Just the usual work and hanging out with the boy. We went to see Shpongle here in Seattle and the show was excellent. Well, she show was excellent in SF, but it was better here because for 3 solid hours, people were dancing and having a great time. People actually even dressed up and were excited about the show. I saw more Burners here than in SF. The energy was really positive and fun and lots of friends were there.

About a week ago, I signed up for a Vidal Sassoon cutting class. It's an intensive 2 day class that is 14 hours in total and covers most of their basic cutting and finishing techniques. This class is a big deal and very expensive. It's at the end of July and I have so much equipment I need to buy for it. I'm super excited about it.

Today, Nic decided to take me to REI and buy me a helmet for bike riding. He wants to buy me a cheap bike so we can ride around, as he loves biking. I want to bike too, but I get so winded sometimes (HELLO CIGARETTES! You are too expensive for me and you suck for my health! But i keep smoking you! WHY?), so hopefully, he will be gentle about making me bike places. My helmet is pretty sweet though.

Work is work. Hopefully the expansion will open soon and I'll be making more money. I'll be working more hours, for sure. But god, am i broke.

Anyway, that's it. I may be broke, but I sure am happy. Everything is perfect in my life ATM, except for the money thing. And since I feel secure and loved, the money thing doesn't stress me out to the point of anxiety. It still upsets me, but I am working toward fixing that.