Sep. 29th, 2010

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Dear Robert Henke,

Thank you for the music that you make.

I saw you *twice* at Decibel Festival this year. Honestly, you were the person I most wanted to see.

I can not accurately describe what your work means to me. It touches me on many levels - sad, happy, still, moving, chaotic, logical. I only had to hear "polygon cities" once to completely fall into it.

When I saw that you'd be at decibel this year, I was so excited. I bought passes for myself and my boyfriend (who was the one who introduced me to you) within a few days of that announcement. If I got to see you once, it was worth the price of the passes.

(we did see LOTS more than you - we were out almost every night of Decibel.)

When i realized you were on the Optical showcase, I took time off from work that i explained away confidently. I had to see you. When we entered the stadium, I sat as close to center as possible, I didn't mind sharing space with the AV person. What I did not know was that the AV person was not a friend or hired hand of yours to do the visuals, but it was YOU.

When i did realize that, and it was about 10 minutes in, I was completely starstruck in a way. In the way that people do "Oh, I don't want to be an asshole!". This was after you said that you were nervous (And later i thought, WHY?? Does he not know he's AWESOME?) to a friend?, another dB person?. When you ended your set, I clapped politely, but i REALLY wanted to tell you how much love I had for your work.

I regret i never said anything to you. I didn't want to be creepy.

Then i saw you on Sunday and i danced my ass off. i blew my ears out. I was so happy to see you, and then, at the end of your set, your brilliant, shy smile came out, I wanted to run up to the stage and tell you how much i loved your music.

Thank you for making my heart feel happy - and to be honest, hearing you say you were nervous, when you could have been a giant jerk at db and people would have been totally forgiving, was something wonderful.


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