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Mad Men has not disappointed this season. Some people have bitched about how slow and sad this season is, but I understand why it's been this way. 1965 was a sharp transition for America, the civil rights movement coming to a halt (and subsequent uprising) with the assassination of MLK, the Mod/Beatnik movement, the distrust of government going into Vietnam and the feminist movement. This show is addressing ALL of those things, one show at a time, while keeping it personal.

This show is amazing storytelling at it very core.

This Peggy centered episode makes me realize that I am a total Peggy fan. I sympathize with her a lot. Don is my favorite, but Peggy is me.

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I don't know how the show is handling it, but the thing is, I don't think most people at the time saw 1965 as such a transition or many of the things you mention as having much long-term importance. The Beatles/British Invasion were just a fad in teenybopper music, Vietnam was a place no one could find on a map and LBJ was still promising there'd be no major troop commitments (up to and beyond the time they were actually landing), the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts had passed and tensions from the civil rights movement were surely about to ease, and feminism (or in the parlance of the time, Women's Lib)? What's that, you mean those crazy bra burners? And people still trusted that the President wouldn't lie to them.

I think for most of middle America the real transition, the impact on their personal lives, came in the 70s. Women in the office as anything but secretaries were still a rarity and novelty in much of the country in 1970, but that changed fast after that - that was certainly true in the bank my father worked in. And even for most young people Vietnam, the '68 Chicago convention, and Woodstock were things they saw on TV or in the movies. Many of the better universities in the country were single-sex or nearly so in 1970, none (with the exception of a few military schools) were in 1980.

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I was thinking back about the first episode the other day, and how it was shot through the POV of Peggy on her first day of work. I think it's hard not to relate to Peggy for that reason... watching her transition from neophyte to competent professional to someone really comfortable in her role.

Sometimes she makes me think of my mom, who was just a few years younger, and lived some of this.


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