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Day Three:

Woke up and met with Nic's friend, Kimmy. She's a seriously bad ass photographer who just graduated with her masters in photography last weekend. She was VERY sweet, i liked her a lot. We met up with her close to our hotel and her school and somehow went back to the Mission District. As we were trying to figure out what to eat, a May Day protest went by - mostly focusing on immigrants rights and Arizona. Honestly, it was *awesome* to see a protest - on May Day - in San Francisco. The restaurant was nice, it was Vegan, but the drinks were meh. Not alcoholic drinks either, just regular drinks.

Kimmy took us to the house that she was house and bunny sitting at - Moose, the bunny, was hiding under the bed for the short time we were there. We got in Kimmy's truck and drove to Crisy Park to take pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was lovely lovely! I can not stress how much I love seeing water and hills/mountains - though, by this time, I was starting to miss the mountains. I was starting to miss Seattle a little. Not enough to make the trip bad, but just enough to realize, again, how much i love it here. This is where the picture I previously posted of Nic and myself is. Honestly, I absolutely love that bridge, too, it goes without saying that it symbolizes SF, but it is a real US treasure in design and function.

Later, after we had parted with Kimmy, we got ready to go to a BBQ thrown by Jess and Nikki. At first we thought it might be just us and them, but a lot of people showed up, which was great!  All of them are awesome - Nic's friends are really a great group of amazingly talented, kind, sweet people. The food was very good, but sadly, i don't remember much, as I was drinking far too much red wine. I'm a bit ashamed of that, to be honest, though it was my planned day to get ripped and the only day i drank much of anything on the trip. I do remember that I had lots of fun and really heart Jess and Nikki for throwing the party.

Day Four:

HANGOVER OF EPICNESS. Ugh. I wake up drunk still, but fine. We met Mary Jane, Josh's girlfriend, guessed it, The Mission District. :) She lives in Oakland and said she'd give us a ride to hang out there for the day. I LOVE MARY JANE! She's a super talented knitter and just an all around sweetheart. Once in Oaksterdam, we go to eat brunch with MJ, Brook and Cynthia. It was a great time, lots of conversation and Brook and Cynthia are huge VB fans. I could feel the hangover getting worse - eating, plus the fact that Oakland is 10 degrees hotter than SF, walking, moving, breathing - it all made it worse. But I am a TROOPER and it was MY STOOPID FAULT I drank too much. We walked to the rose garden there and took many more pictures.

We took the BART back to the hotel and got ready to go eat at a restaurant called Anchor & Hope. It had fancy pants prices, so we put on our fancy pants clothes. Was any one else there dressed up? NOPE! It was still nice to get dressed up. The food was good, but worth the price? I'm not sure on all of it. the bacon wrapped smoked oysters were a win, but come on. Smoked oysters + bacon, it's gonna be a win. There wasn't a single WA beer or wine on the list either. It was fine though.

Day Five:

I am recovered! Our plane didn't leave until that evening, so we decided we were going to go on a hunt to find a pair or two of jeans for my hottie of a boyfriend to show off his behind. We met up with Kimmie again and wandered around Lower Haight. *I* found a lovely handmade *yellow* (yes, I said yellow) dress that someone was kind enough to buy for me. Sadly, no jeans. We walked to the park in front of the Painted Ladies and Kimmy took our picture yet again. What a view, though, jesus. We decided to try to find jeans in the Castro, and we sure did. A nice Italian gay man helped us pick out two pairs of expensive beautiful jeans that looks amazing on Nic. We then drove over to the house Kimmy was sitting (after meeting her cutie three legged cat) and Moose was out and wanting to be petted on. Bunnies are sweet, soft and they feel so fragile. Took pics of Moose and then we walked back to the hotel and we were off to the airport.

For about two days after we got back my legs were in serious pain.

This was probably the best trip I've ever been on in my life. Lots of friends, no set schedule, and an awesome boy to hold hands with.
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Ok. So, I guess some of you do want to hear about my trip. So, i'll try to remember as much as I can.

Day Two:
We wake up fairly early (for us on vacation) and take a walk. We were on a mission to find something that Nic needed, and we sort of wandered aimlessly. Ooops! We wound up in Tenderloin. It was one of those places that you look around and go "Oh shit, don't take out your wallet/camera/phone!" It was rough even for San Francisco standards. So, we put on our game faces of "Shit, I walk this neighborhood everyday." I was pretty pissed by the time we got out of there, but I got over it as soon as I felt safe.

Then we proceeded to head to The Mission District. This area is my favorite of the trip, mostly because it reminds me of home a lot. Not that I'm homesick, but it's just nicely familiar. The cab dropped us off close to Nic's friend Josh's house. Josh is just a really cool, sweet, laid back dude. He lives in this house that was pre-earthquake (that's a BIG deal there) and was fan-fucking-tastic inside. Huge , with lots of old crown molding and a large courtyard area that was shared but nice. Toward the back of the apartment was a very large studio space. It made us very jealous. Josh then took us on a little walking tour of the main street and we stopped to get some tasty coffee at Phil's. It was the last time we'd have good coffee there. (Can i talk more about how SF has shitty coffee? Damn, I've lived in Seattle too long.) After that, we walked up Bernal Heights Hill, the highest point in the city and took many pictures. The weather was perfect and warm.

We climb down the hill (it was a bit of a hike up) to the main street again and go get some burritos at La Taqueria. For serious, it almost made me cry. i could not believe how fucking amazing these burritos were. I guess lard and a 100yr old seasoned grill will do that. The carne asada was heaven and i did actually say "OMG!" when i bit into the burrito. 

After that, we had to say good bye to Josh and head to a park and enjoy the day for a while. It was like Hipster central, but we got to drink a beer in the park! One girl's pants kept falling off her ass and completely showing her underwaer when she bent over, but they were tight around the ankles. Sigh, I'll be seeing those pants all over the place this fall, I'm sure.

We decided to walk to the water and take pictures of the Bay Bridge and downtown. People are so unbelievably NICE. Someone stopped to ask us about our cameras and at first we had the old Seattle shock of "HUH? WHAT? Do you want a dollar? Are you going to mug us??" because people just don't step out to talk to other people on the street here. I also got a compliment on my Dr. Girlfriend shirt - for the first time EVER someone knew what show it was from.

Then we went back to the hotel for a nap. I think we probably walked 15 miles total so far that day.

We got ready for Shpongle at about 6 or so. What did we want? Coffee. Could we find it. NOPE. Even the starbucks across the street was closed. So, we downed a red bull and a 5 hr energy instead. We smelled like ravers when we got to the venue. It was actually a very large beautiful venue and the DJ was playing some really great dubstep. Were people dancing? NOPE. Ok, I thought, maybe they are just waiting for the main act. Did they start dancing then? NOPE. Everyone was either too drunk or too cool to dance. And the drinks! Geezus. $10 for a drink. I accidentally spilled a guys drink while taking off my hoodie (maybe if he hadn't been up my fucking ass when i was going up the stairs, it wouldn't have happened.) and had to buy him a new one. $10! Anyway, there was one guy there though that was just dancing like it was the end of days - I liked him. He looked like Jesus and the dancing scarf guy (kind of Seattle's Lesley). Another guy, who was clearly having a fun acid trip, was in the lobby as we left. I'm pretty sure it was LSD.

(We went to see Shpongle in Seattle a week later - COMPLETELY different crowd. Will write more about that later.)

And then we got back to the hotel and slept.
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Just to let you guys know that I haven't entirely become solid and devoid of silly fun, I'm totally looking forward to "Eclipse". The trailer looks awful though.
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Ya'll know I like Sex and the City, the show. Ya'll know, I liked the movie a lot too. (It didn't help that the movie mirrored a lot of crap going on in my life at the time.)

I don't think I want to see this new movie in the theater. I probably will because I have a friend who wants to go (he likes the show a lot too), but the reviews sound awful. The trailer made me cringe.

When I first started watching the show, (after a lot of heel digging and believing the worst of the media's bitching about it) I was really struck with how good the writing was. It was funny. It was fun. But it was realistic in a lot of ways. I liked the whole "girlfriends" over dudes aspect of the show, I thought it was essentially, a feminist show with indulgences.

This sequel to the movie pretty much BLOWS UP all of that. It looks like a bunch of over privileged bored white women who have lost all independent thought. Oh hey! SHOES! CLOTHES! BAGS! BUY BUY BUY! Let's go to a country where they make women hide under sheets and think to ourselves about how much better we are than these people.

You know, i understand they wanted to make a movie that was a fun romp in times when people are having a hard time. I get it. But I can't sympathize with these women, who have everything at their fingertips, who can buy anything they want, as they whine about how hard their life is.

Oh how sad, you are aging and becoming old - do it gracefully and with class and EMBRACE IT! Quit acting like you are a teenager.

Oh, how sad, you have two beautiful daughters that you fought hard for and now it's hard being a mommy with no hired help. GOD. STFU. Life is hard. Rasing children is hard. You have a loving husband who makes a shit ton of money and you live a life that I've never even come close to touching.

Oh, how sad, you've missed all the milestones in your son's life because you work at a horrible law firm and now you have to quit your job (and still be comfortably wealthy) in order to feel better about all of that. GET A DIFFERENT JOB AT A DIFFERENT LAW FIRM. Easy. Why did you compromise on these things in the first place?

And most of all:

Oh, how sad, your marriage to the man you loved for years and who is filthy fucking rich is boring - so what? Be happy that you are better off than the majority of the people in this country, let alone the world. You should be on cloud fucking 9. GAHHHH!

While I sit here and debate on whether or not I should go buy myself some new clothes from Value Village or buy equipment for work that i badly need, the last thing i want to see is some movie about 4 insipidly stupid women, especially if that movie is KILLING everything I liked about the show in the first place.

Thank you SATC, you've finally made me hate you.
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 I liked the last episode of LOST.

It wasn't important, it should have been shown earlier in the season, but *I* liked it. It even made me sad. Jacob's overwhelming feelings for his brother and mother, especially his brother, made me tear up and feel sad. It didn't explain anything and it wasn't even a necessary episode. It was just a good piece of storytelling.

BTW, I'm not convinced the adam and eve skeletons were actually meant to be MIB and his mother from the beginning. It's a nice wrap up, though I'd have preferred them to be Rose and Bernard. That would have made me feel warm and fuzzy.
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Well, I was going to post a big post about San Francisco, but then I thought "Damn, who cares other than you about your trip?" No one, that's who. Suffice to say it was awesome, and i'm glad to be back home (I missed Seattle, wtf, right?).

One thing I wanted to mention...

San Francisco, you FAIL at coffee. Big fail. When you could find something other than Starbucks (which wasn't often) it was usually mediocre at best. AND all coffee shops closed at like 5 or something. WTH.

The best coffee I had was in the mission (along with the omg holygodthisissoamazing burrito at La Taqueria). It wasn't even real coffee, it was what i think is cuban coffee, with mint leaves and lots of milk, but it was really delicious. (Thank you Phil's, it was worth the wait.)

There was one place who had passable coffee, Bread and Cocoa. That's it. It wasn't awesome, but it was ok.

Tisk tisk SF! TISK TISK.
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I have LOTS of pictures to correct and post, but they will be up soon, as well as updates on every day. i wanted to post about every day as the day ended, but that didn't happen. Expect one big (wordy) post soon.
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SF update: Day One

We left the apartment at about 1:30, a bit antsy for our 5:30 flight. In order to take the light rail to the airport, we had to go to Westlake Mall, which is downtown by the market. We cabbed it there, which was fine. We decided to sit by the starbucks at pine and 4th, lots of sun there. While Nic was in the Starbucks grabbing Americanos, I heard a street busker and his friend belting out Danzig's "Mother". I almost dropped to the ground with laughter. The singer was not so good, but hearing such a bad vocal rendition (and hearing a guy say "SHUT THE FUCK UP") made me die.

We walked and sat around for a bit and finally got on the light rail to the airport. I like the light rail! It was quiet and fast.

BTW: I hate carting huge bags up stairs. I'm not a strong person, so hauling that shit up stairs is a nightmare.

So, the flight. This is the first time I've ridden Virgin Airlines. The place was...a DISCO AIRPLANE. It looked like an apple store crossed with a rave. This is not a bad thing mind you. Purple and black lighting, lots of pretty young people, and a very sweet touch screen TV on every seat. And wi-fi! Granted, you have to pay for it, but at least you have it. So, the flight was actually very relaxed and enjoyable - I watched an episode of "Futurama" and looked at the airplane map. Ok, I have a confession, I am OBSESSED with knowing where I am in flight. Usually I use the little napkins as a basis as to what city I'm flying over. This airline made my day because I always knew where I was! I could watch the little plane move and fly over the various areas. Unfortunately, it was mostly cloudy, but it was a good flight. I 100% recommend Virgin at this point as an airline.

After the plane ride, we rode the BART. I rode the BART about 12 years ago when I was here last and loved it. It's a little dated and dirty now, but it's still good. The yellow line took us from the airport to about 4 blocks away from our hotel in about 30 minutes. One thing Nic said that made me laugh the entire time on the BART is that sometimes it sounds like it's releasing the Hell Demons, and IT DOES. That shit is loud and screamy, and it sounds like mother fucking hell demons.

We walk about 4+ blocks the the hotel is awesome. Not in a pretentious, chic, kind of way, but awesome in a boutiquey, eclectic sort of way. It's a bit loud and clashy, but it has charm - and it's right across the street on one side from Chinatown, and on the other, American Apparel. The room itself has a lovely view and a soft bed and lots of blown glass fixtures. The hotel chain has some nice quirks that really make you feel like they are thoughtful, like slips to purchase if you need one, or robes, or lots of hardcore porn on the TV. It has a wine tasting happy hour, a coffee breakfast and a warm cookie in the middle of the afternoon. It's also kitschy without being sickening.

So, we rest a bit and then go downstairs to the front desk and ask a restaurant recommendation. It's late at this point and our options are limited. The front desk guy recommends this place Sam Wo in Chinatown. We go, having a little reservation from the description - run down, hole in the wall, walk thru the kitchen to get to the dining area. But when we find it, it's freakin perfect. It is a run down hole in the wall, but it's AWESOME. And the food? Amazing. We ordered 3 plates, and two diet cokes and the bill was $18.25. The noodles were so good I couldn't stop eating them. BUT WTF? SO CHEAP! How?

We leave the restaurant very full and take a walk. At this point, I am tired. I've lugged around bags all day and ate a heavy greasy meal. Nic wants to walk UPHILL to go see Grace Cathedral. I am cranky and whiny. I do whine at him. BUT I insist we walk up the hill to see it, because I'm a bitch and contrary and because honestly, he really wanted to go, so I knew it was important.

When we got there, i was cursing because i didn't have my camera. It was beautiful and worth the walk. Ok, it was astoundingly beautiful, this church. And the adjoining fountain made me gasp.

After that, we bought some libations and went back to the hotel, and that's where you find me now. I should sleep soon. Body is tired, but mind is wired.

I will update more later. :)
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Less than a day until we are in SF. Of course I am up and wide awake at 2 am. It's not from trip excitement, which I have, but it's been a pattern lately. Oh insomnia.

Anyway, I'm very excited as this will be our first plane trip together. Virgin Airlines, even - a floating sky bar! Actually, i do not plan to drink on the flight - there is a BBQ planned for Friday by one of Nic's friends which will have much wine a flowing. I hate flying though - just going thru security and dealing with that BS is enough to make even someone who loves to travel (like myself)  cringe at the thought of dealing. Once on the plane though, everything's peachy.

I have been dying to go back to SF for years. I've had tentative plans to go back a few times, but nothing panned out. This time I'm hoping nothing goes wrong (no plane hijackings, thanks) on the day of. So far, our set plans are the BBQ, the show, and Golden Gate Park. We toyed with the idea of going to Napa, but I really don't want to do the wine country this time. Besides, I think we will have plenty to do while there.

BTW, I adore my boy. Is it really possible to be this crazy about someone? It feels like it's more (FAR more) than other men I've been in love with - and this relationship feels so much more *right* than the others too. It's been a pleasant 7+ months so far with little problems that were not easily solvable or at least worked through somewhat quickly. Not to mention I have no doubt or questions in my mind about how deeply he feels for me, either - usually by this time, it's tense and I'm wondering if they are dicking me around.

Seattle has been good to me in the majority of aspects. Beautiful, amazing place, amazing new friends, and I met a person I didn't think existed. (It'd be nice if I made a decent living, but I'm working on that.)

Anyway, enough of that. I have one question to you guys though:

I rarely post here anymore because I'm always posting to facebook. Is there anyone on here that i don't have friended on facebook that wants to be friends? Just let me know, I'll be happy to add you.
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Less than two weeks 'til SF. I'm getting all wiggly with excitement. Like a puppy or some poop like that.
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Last night Nic and i went to Lark. It was very tasty - my favorite dish being the half wild mushrooms. I also had the seared foie gras, because I am mean to ducks. It was very tasty, but unlike when I had it at Uchi, the texture was a little more off putting. At Uchi, the texture was more like a buttery rich, this was a little more liquidy. It was still good though, and every plate we ordered was delicious.

We ordered:
3 cheese plate - One cow (Appenburger), One goat, one sheep. All were delicious, I especially liked the goat. (It's not listed on their online menu, nor is the sheep, but the sheep cheese was rolled in herbs and was soft and buttery like brie.)
Sautéed half wild mushrooms with garlic, olive oil and sea salt
Bluebird Grain Farms farro with morel mushrooms and garlic confit
Carpaccio of Yellowtail with preserved lemons and green olives
Alaskan spot prawns, soy milk skin, Spring onion and Miner’s lettuce
Seared Sonoma foie gras with cocoa brioche and blood orange (this is the online menu listing, my dish was different)
Poached organic egg with chorizo, peas, morels and garlic emulsion

To be honest, I did not love mushrooms nearly as much until i moved here. the variety and selection is really amazing, and people really do know how to cook them well.

Tonight I am making crab cakes with red pepper mayo, Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Feta Vinaigrette (though, no orzo, and I'm using Chevre instead of Feta), and a Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail, minus the alcohol. Liver needs a break, or it's gonna look like Foie Gras. So far, the red pepper mayo tastes amazing.
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Originally uploaded by Fashion Bigot. of these snow geese pooped on me yesterday, Right on the crown of my head. I laughed so hard.

Anyway, I saw lots of pretty tulips and snowy mountains and poopy geese. Saturdays are always so beautiful with an awesome boy, a comfy car, spring come early, and lots of flowers (esp. tulips!).
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Possible Lost Spoilers )
This is just my theory and has no real bearing on what will actually happen.


Mar. 15th, 2010 03:13 pm
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Originally uploaded by Fashion Bigot.

<3 this boy so much.
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Well, it seems I am going to be moving into Nic's apartment soon. I already live there about 6 days of the week as it is. His landlady gave the ok, I just need to get on the lease and put down a $100 deposit for my cats - entirely reasonable.

3 cats (One huge and poofy, one big and lean, and one dainty, cranky one nicknamed "Princess Pokey Feet".), 2 humans and two bedrooms. This should be interesting. Zoe (Ms. Pokey Feet) is gonna have a fit. B and W will be totally fascinated by her and probably get smacked quite a bit for a while.

I'm actually imagining the sleeping situation - the cats like to sleep with me when I'm there, usually at the foot of the bed, and Zoe either likes to sleep on my hips or butt or at the top of my head.

It's gonna be a cat sandwich.
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So, since Mardi Gras was Tuesday, I decided to make shrimp gumbo (since I couldn't find crawfish at the Ballard Market - though it was at Metropolitan Market). It's cooking ATM and it smells/tastes great so far. My boy chopped the veggies and I made roux for the first time. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Here's the recipe:

It says there to bake the flour and make the roux after sauteing the onions, but I just made the roux myself, even though it's much higher in fat.

Valentine's was nice. We celebrated together on Saturday by walking through the Market and getting some very fresh and delicious swordfish to cook. He made a simple marinade with lime, cilantro, white wine and garlic. It was supposed to have ginger, but we didn't have any; it was still very good though. Mashed acorn squash was the side and lots of expensive beer and a nice wine.

Sunday, after I worked, we went to a friend's house and had a potluck with nummy things. I like the Sunday potlucks a lot, it's nice to eat and drink wine with friends every week; and I'm finding that being a vegetarian and not eating wheat is easier than I thought. (One of the hosts is a vegetarian that just found out he's allergic to gluten) One wek it was just vegan and I had no idea that vegan food could be so good.

That's what's been going on. :) How dull. :)
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My valentine's present:

A Mac Book Pro. Not a new one, but the top of the line from about 3 years ago.

I can haz laptop. And shiny pretty laptop.

It's nice to have a Mac again.
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Just to let you know...

STILL pooping rainbows.
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You'd think that the fact that J.D. Salinger was 91 would have lessened most of the sadness at the notice of his passing. Sadly, that's not the case, and i feel more affected by it than i should. I suppose that part of the fact I am so affected by it is because Salinger's work (particularly the stories about Seymour Glass) reminds me of Paul, since it was Paul who told me to read his work at 14, and we'd have long discussions on the meaning of and our feelings on his work.

"A Perfect Day for Bananafish" has always had a profoundly deep part of my heart. "Down at the Dinghy" was a later favorite from "Nine Stories" as well.

My only hope is that he has mountains of manuscripts lying around and if his equally reclusive wife doesn't publish them, they will be found and published after her death.
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