Aug. 16th, 2010

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After work Saturday afternoon, Nic said he had something for me in the car.

He hands me this paper grocery bag with something in it and says "here". I look in and go "WTF is that??" and hand it back, because I am so shocked at it. Inside was a Nikon D80 camera body. That shit is expensive, yo. He says that if I want, he can take it back (Uh, no!), but if i want it I have to sell my Canon Rebel XT and my two lenses and other accouterments to offset the price of the body. That's fine and fair, since he has a bazillion lenses for Nikon and has been trying to convert me for some time. I've not had enough money to even think about buying a new camera, though I've wanted to. And yes, i wanted to switch to Nikon because of the fact that he does have a lot of lenses and he knows Nikon much better than Canon. And even though the camera is used, it looks brand spanking new.

So, my boyfriend is, yet again, awesome.

I am still a little sad though. That little Canon was my only source of happiness during a very dark time. It was the one thing worth value that I didn't sell - wouldn't sell - even though i was pretty broke. I sold everything else I could really, but my camera and my (now dead) Mini were off limits. I bought that Canon right at the apex of my financial stability - the first kind of expensive gift I gave myself, even though i could have spent that money on more responsible things - and had i known that a month later my relationship would deteriorate to the point where that money was desperately needed, I wouldn't have bought it and i'd still be taking shitty pictures with my little Kodak 5 megapixel camera. My Canon and I have a STORY, and it's a beloved object, so i am sad to see it go.

I'm sure I'll love my Nikon, but maybe not as much, just for purely sentimental reasons.


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