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Today when we went to Uwajimaya (the most awesome Asian with a Japanese focus grocery store on the West Coast) they had some booths out with Japanese style street food. It was pretty rad. We were heading to Samurai Noodle to have ramen (which was also rad, as usual) but we stopped to have a little okonomiyaki, which was delicious, as well. I was a bit full fro the ramen, so i didn't eat much, but it was good anyway. I really love the fact that the Asian focus in Seattle is Japanese - I've never had better sushi and i've totally fallen in love with noodles here. Though, i think those flat Thai style rice noodle is my favorite.

Saw Ira Glass last weekend which was very funny and great. It's nice to watch him talk (I love his voice, I actually feel somewhat comforted by it.) couple with him explaining how he interviews and personal funny asides. I had lots of fun. Then on Wednesday, i saw Rufus Wainwright. It was a very emotional show, both for myself and for him. For me, his music holds a lot of memories of good times, missed friends and a failed love affair (he did actually play "This Love Affair" which I put on repeat a few drunken nights. He also played "Poses", "The Art Teacher", and "Grey Gardens" a few of my most favorite songs). I did cry a couple of times, and dear god that voice of his is so beautiful. For him, it was the last show of the tour, and a lot of the opening songs were about the death of his mother earlier this year. His sister was touring with him, and he started to get choked up when he realized that a) that would be the last time they sing together on the stage for a while and for b) that his mother, sister and himself always sang together and that was her favorite thing to do. He totally broke down at the end of the show, and i felt so heartbroken for him. I was feeling earlier in the evening kinda "Meh" about the show, but as soon as I heard his voice, i was so happy i went.

Work is going ok. It's a bit slow. But i still love everyone I work with, so that's a good thing. I love my boss Amy so much, she's so frikken hilarious.

Nic and I might be moving soon. He wants to wait another year to buy a house, which is fine. We just need a bigger place - we keep tripping over cats in our 800 sq ft apartment. His mom came over today and she mentioned that his step-dad's father's house was about to go up for rent. The rent is about the same as ours, but it's 2400 sq ft! The house is nice too, the only problem is that it's in West Seattle. It makes a lot of sense for us to rent this house - lots more space and it has a finished basement that we could possibly rent out, no credit checks or first months last months/deposit/pet deposit. I'm sure we'd be able to paint the walls too. His mother just wants someone to take care of the place until they put it on the market in a year or so. It's just that West Seattle is so far on the bus for me, and there isn't as much stuff within walking distance. Honestly, I'm ok with it. I'd take it now, if I could. I know Nic has some reservations living so close to his mother - we love her to death, but he's her favorite son and she wants to be very active in his life. :) Honestly, I'm glad I love his mom and step-dad so much. I've never felt this comfortable with a boyfriend's parents before.

Anyway, I think that's about it. Next big thing is the Herb Farm (anniversary dinner!) and Decibel Festival and The Flaming Lips next month, but that's not until the end of the month. I'm super excited about Decibel - so many great electronic acts coming it's crazy. And we have passes! YAY! (It was my anniversary gift to Nic. His to me is a Kindle - but it's on back order.)
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