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So, some people wanted to know what we ate at the Herb Farm.

1st Course:
small tastes of melons paired with meats or cheese.
Cantaloupe with Mangalista procuitto & mint
Honeydew with oyster & tarragon
Watermelon, Foie Gras torchon, pickled melon rind and lavender salt
Canary melon, Larkhaven Farm Tonasket feta, hot pepper and oregano
Paired with Capitello Oregon Brut and a crushed lemon verbena leaf.

Wine: excellent. The cantouple and procuitto was an odd combo for me, I kind of didn't like it. The foie gras pate was a bit on the salty side, but i did like it. This was the first time I had raw oysters and didn't get grossed out by their flavor/texture. The feta was the best part.

2nd course:
Alaskan King Crab with radishes, cucumber, shisho and heritage tomato water with Japanese prickly ash leaf.
Paired with 2009 Maison Bleue Roussanne, La Vallee du Soleil.

Wine: This one was a winner. We both loved it. The dish itself was delicious, and i poured the tomato water in the bowl and the combo was awesome. Loved it.

3rd course:
Wood roasted Chantrells and russet Burbank potato gnocchi, crispy (read deep fried) buttermilk-braised Tamworth pork shoulder, buttered corn sauce & chives.
Paired with 2008 Crowley Chardonnay

Wine: it was really good for a chardonnay. The dish, OTOH, was amazing and the buttered corn sauce was plate lickable. And anything with mushrooms is instantly yum.

4th course:
Slow-roasted king salmon on parsley puree with lemon thyme & Parsley salad, and grilled and laqured veal sweetbreads with celery root puree.
Paired with 2008 Andrew Rich Pinot Noir.

This course was good, but not exactly memorable to me. I'd never had sweetbreads before and I'm not sure i want to eat them again. The texture was weird to me.

5th course:
Grilled Jeff Rogers pastured lamb loin, crisp braised-lamb pave with viennoise, lamb jus, marjoram and whole roasted young farm vegetables.
Paired with 2004 Corliss Estates cabernet franc.

The dish was pretty good until I mixed the lamb pave with the lamb jus. Then it became AMAZING. Unfortunately, i found that out a little late and only had one bite of that wonderful combo. Oh, but it was really very delicious.

6th course: Sally Jackson sheep cheese with rye crumbles, cider vinegar pie and a Western Washington Gravenstein apple salad.

Basically a deconstructed apple pie. It was very delicious, and boy to Washingtonians love their apples. For good reason too.

7th course: Bay-Goat's milk yogurt panna cotta with caramelized Holmquist hazelnuts and elephant heart plum froth.

At this point, the dishes become unmemorable because I'm like "Another dessert? Really?" It really is too much food.

8th course: Eggplant and prune cake with roasted pear sorbet, warm pear fritter, pear salad, rosemary caramel sauce with Salish sea salt and a milk chocolate flourish.

This was a very tasty dessert. And even though it was small, I was still like "more dessert? Really?" I was a bit too full at this point.

9th course: Coffee and house churned Jersey cow butter, yeasted corn bread and a couple of other things.

The coffee i chose was Brasil Monte Alegre Bourbon. There were also little treats to eat, including the worlds smallest lavender-zucchini cupcake.

Paired with 2005 Thurston-Wolfe JTW Reserve Ruby Port

By the time I left, I was so stuffed that I was uncomfortable sitting. It's great that you get a lot of bang for your buck (you really do!) but when you eat so much you are uncomfortable, it takes the shine off the experience.

It was a very lovely dinner tough, and they even printed up a little card with anniversary wishes for us with our names on it. That was very sweet.

Probably the most decadent meal i will ever have.

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