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Wow. Did not know Ivy did the soundtrack to Shallow Hal. Interesting.

Anyway, had a lovely night last night just hanging out with Nic, then we went to Vashon Island today and visited our friend Karrie. It was a very lovely day, we saw chickens, alpacas, baby goats and our favorite bull, Steakie, though we did find out he will probably be "harvested" this coming fall. HOW CAN YOU EAT STEAKIE? He's the most sweetest awesomest bull ever - like Ferdinand. We haven't seen him in 9 months, and he has gotten HUGE, but he was still trying to lick and play with us. I hope something happens where he gets spared.

So, the farm that Kerrie is working at (where the chickens and goats and stuff were) the owner of the farm was amazingly sweet and immediately invited us to lunch, which was - wow. Everything tasted so great. I could not get over the cornbread - not mealy, but soft, buttery and sweet.

It was a very nice, calm, relaxing day.

A picture of Steakie last year:
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