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So... the Vidal Sassoon class was pretty good. Unfortunately, it was only two days and I felt like it didn't cover all the things I'd have liked to ask. The instructor was pretty awesome, though, super nice lady. I'm happy to have gone, no matter what - and my boyfriend is pretty awesome for gifting it to me. :)

Another thing...I got a new job. I'm working at Red Chair Salon now. I was very tired of being broke. Very tired. So far, Red Chair has been really busy and awesome, and I love my new owner and co-worker. It's smaller, too, only 3 of us right now. Amy (the owner) is an old goth, as well - and her husband (also owner and sometimes receptionist) loves good music. They are all very nice. So far, my tips have tripled, I rarely go home with less than $30 a day. Yesterday was an $83 tip day, it was freakin amazing. If i made more than $40 at Zero Zero, it was a very good day - and it was so rare.

Oh and after I dunno, 4 years of playing WoW off and on, i finally got my character to 60. Yes, JUST 60, but still. I don't play it for hours and hours, and usually when i do, i just mine or something.
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