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Ok, so...

A month or so ago, a cop here beat up a hispanic guy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was regarded as a suspect in a robbery. The cop was caught on video stomping on the guys head and saying racial things, while the guy was completely immobilized. It was bad - the cop and his partner were clearly in the wrong and have been disciplined as such. Honestly, I thought they should have gotten fired, but i think they are no longer on patrol and are undergoing further training.

A couple of days ago, a cop stopped a 19 yr old for jaywalking. As he was ticketing her, she started walking away and being an asshole towards him. He tried to physically restrain her, so he could give her the ticket. She started struggling. A crowd gathered, and someone started shooting a video. As he was restraining her, at this point, going to arrest her for resisting, she struggled harder and a crowd formed. Another person, this time a 17 yr old girl, came up to him and started pawing at his arm and yelling at him. He shrugged her off, focusing on the 19 yr old. the 17 yr old then came back at him and shoved him pretty hard, he then reacted (badly) by punching her and at that point, he focused on her to arrest her, which he eventually did.

Problems: the guy was alone. He had no partner there. There was a crowd and the two suspects were very combative and one was violent.

I do not think the force used was justified, BUT I can see why he reacted the way he did and why he did it. I do not fault him and I think the two teenagers are assholes and the girl jumping into the fray deserved to get punched.

I am tired of people seeing this as a race issue. he didn't punch the girl because she was black, he punched her because she wouldn't let him do his job. Black people are NOT the only ones who get ticketed for jaywalking in this city. Jaywalking is bad here, to the point of stupidity - I almost saw a guy get run over a week or so ago because he decided to cross the street in back of a parked car and not in cross walk that was maybe lest than 30 feet away from him. A car legally turned and didn't see the guy. The guy was startled and I screamed out of the car "That's what crosswalks are for!" People in Seattle are not good drivers anyway, I routinely avoid getting hit by cars while I'm in crosswalks with a walk sign.

So, now, because the two girls were black, it's a race issue and he should have just let the girls walk on by without ticketing them. I understand jaywalking is a light offense, but the officer was ticketing her and to let her go would be giving up his power of authority to keep and maintain peace and lawfulness. The girl should have just taken the god damn ticket instead of acting like a belligerent asshole.

Sorry, I was reading Jezebel and all the comments were "OMG! COPS ARE BAD! LOOK AT THAT RACISIT WOMAN HATING COP!" It made *me* want to punch some commentators in the face.
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