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Ok, last post. Promise.

Since SF, i haven't been up to much. Just the usual work and hanging out with the boy. We went to see Shpongle here in Seattle and the show was excellent. Well, she show was excellent in SF, but it was better here because for 3 solid hours, people were dancing and having a great time. People actually even dressed up and were excited about the show. I saw more Burners here than in SF. The energy was really positive and fun and lots of friends were there.

About a week ago, I signed up for a Vidal Sassoon cutting class. It's an intensive 2 day class that is 14 hours in total and covers most of their basic cutting and finishing techniques. This class is a big deal and very expensive. It's at the end of July and I have so much equipment I need to buy for it. I'm super excited about it.

Today, Nic decided to take me to REI and buy me a helmet for bike riding. He wants to buy me a cheap bike so we can ride around, as he loves biking. I want to bike too, but I get so winded sometimes (HELLO CIGARETTES! You are too expensive for me and you suck for my health! But i keep smoking you! WHY?), so hopefully, he will be gentle about making me bike places. My helmet is pretty sweet though.

Work is work. Hopefully the expansion will open soon and I'll be making more money. I'll be working more hours, for sure. But god, am i broke.

Anyway, that's it. I may be broke, but I sure am happy. Everything is perfect in my life ATM, except for the money thing. And since I feel secure and loved, the money thing doesn't stress me out to the point of anxiety. It still upsets me, but I am working toward fixing that.
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