May. 26th, 2010

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Ya'll know I like Sex and the City, the show. Ya'll know, I liked the movie a lot too. (It didn't help that the movie mirrored a lot of crap going on in my life at the time.)

I don't think I want to see this new movie in the theater. I probably will because I have a friend who wants to go (he likes the show a lot too), but the reviews sound awful. The trailer made me cringe.

When I first started watching the show, (after a lot of heel digging and believing the worst of the media's bitching about it) I was really struck with how good the writing was. It was funny. It was fun. But it was realistic in a lot of ways. I liked the whole "girlfriends" over dudes aspect of the show, I thought it was essentially, a feminist show with indulgences.

This sequel to the movie pretty much BLOWS UP all of that. It looks like a bunch of over privileged bored white women who have lost all independent thought. Oh hey! SHOES! CLOTHES! BAGS! BUY BUY BUY! Let's go to a country where they make women hide under sheets and think to ourselves about how much better we are than these people.

You know, i understand they wanted to make a movie that was a fun romp in times when people are having a hard time. I get it. But I can't sympathize with these women, who have everything at their fingertips, who can buy anything they want, as they whine about how hard their life is.

Oh how sad, you are aging and becoming old - do it gracefully and with class and EMBRACE IT! Quit acting like you are a teenager.

Oh, how sad, you have two beautiful daughters that you fought hard for and now it's hard being a mommy with no hired help. GOD. STFU. Life is hard. Rasing children is hard. You have a loving husband who makes a shit ton of money and you live a life that I've never even come close to touching.

Oh, how sad, you've missed all the milestones in your son's life because you work at a horrible law firm and now you have to quit your job (and still be comfortably wealthy) in order to feel better about all of that. GET A DIFFERENT JOB AT A DIFFERENT LAW FIRM. Easy. Why did you compromise on these things in the first place?

And most of all:

Oh, how sad, your marriage to the man you loved for years and who is filthy fucking rich is boring - so what? Be happy that you are better off than the majority of the people in this country, let alone the world. You should be on cloud fucking 9. GAHHHH!

While I sit here and debate on whether or not I should go buy myself some new clothes from Value Village or buy equipment for work that i badly need, the last thing i want to see is some movie about 4 insipidly stupid women, especially if that movie is KILLING everything I liked about the show in the first place.

Thank you SATC, you've finally made me hate you.
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Just to let you guys know that I haven't entirely become solid and devoid of silly fun, I'm totally looking forward to "Eclipse". The trailer looks awful though.


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