May. 11th, 2010

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Well, I was going to post a big post about San Francisco, but then I thought "Damn, who cares other than you about your trip?" No one, that's who. Suffice to say it was awesome, and i'm glad to be back home (I missed Seattle, wtf, right?).

One thing I wanted to mention...

San Francisco, you FAIL at coffee. Big fail. When you could find something other than Starbucks (which wasn't often) it was usually mediocre at best. AND all coffee shops closed at like 5 or something. WTH.

The best coffee I had was in the mission (along with the omg holygodthisissoamazing burrito at La Taqueria). It wasn't even real coffee, it was what i think is cuban coffee, with mint leaves and lots of milk, but it was really delicious. (Thank you Phil's, it was worth the wait.)

There was one place who had passable coffee, Bread and Cocoa. That's it. It wasn't awesome, but it was ok.

Tisk tisk SF! TISK TISK.


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