Apr. 30th, 2010

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SF update: Day One

We left the apartment at about 1:30, a bit antsy for our 5:30 flight. In order to take the light rail to the airport, we had to go to Westlake Mall, which is downtown by the market. We cabbed it there, which was fine. We decided to sit by the starbucks at pine and 4th, lots of sun there. While Nic was in the Starbucks grabbing Americanos, I heard a street busker and his friend belting out Danzig's "Mother". I almost dropped to the ground with laughter. The singer was not so good, but hearing such a bad vocal rendition (and hearing a guy say "SHUT THE FUCK UP") made me die.

We walked and sat around for a bit and finally got on the light rail to the airport. I like the light rail! It was quiet and fast.

BTW: I hate carting huge bags up stairs. I'm not a strong person, so hauling that shit up stairs is a nightmare.

So, the flight. This is the first time I've ridden Virgin Airlines. The place was...a DISCO AIRPLANE. It looked like an apple store crossed with a rave. This is not a bad thing mind you. Purple and black lighting, lots of pretty young people, and a very sweet touch screen TV on every seat. And wi-fi! Granted, you have to pay for it, but at least you have it. So, the flight was actually very relaxed and enjoyable - I watched an episode of "Futurama" and looked at the airplane map. Ok, I have a confession, I am OBSESSED with knowing where I am in flight. Usually I use the little napkins as a basis as to what city I'm flying over. This airline made my day because I always knew where I was! I could watch the little plane move and fly over the various areas. Unfortunately, it was mostly cloudy, but it was a good flight. I 100% recommend Virgin at this point as an airline.

After the plane ride, we rode the BART. I rode the BART about 12 years ago when I was here last and loved it. It's a little dated and dirty now, but it's still good. The yellow line took us from the airport to about 4 blocks away from our hotel in about 30 minutes. One thing Nic said that made me laugh the entire time on the BART is that sometimes it sounds like it's releasing the Hell Demons, and IT DOES. That shit is loud and screamy, and it sounds like mother fucking hell demons.

We walk about 4+ blocks the the hotel and...it is awesome. Not in a pretentious, chic, kind of way, but awesome in a boutiquey, eclectic sort of way. It's a bit loud and clashy, but it has charm - and it's right across the street on one side from Chinatown, and on the other, American Apparel. The room itself has a lovely view and a soft bed and lots of blown glass fixtures. The hotel chain has some nice quirks that really make you feel like they are thoughtful, like slips to purchase if you need one, or robes, or lots of hardcore porn on the TV. It has a wine tasting happy hour, a coffee breakfast and a warm cookie in the middle of the afternoon. It's also kitschy without being sickening.

So, we rest a bit and then go downstairs to the front desk and ask a restaurant recommendation. It's late at this point and our options are limited. The front desk guy recommends this place Sam Wo in Chinatown. We go, having a little reservation from the description - run down, hole in the wall, walk thru the kitchen to get to the dining area. But when we find it, it's freakin perfect. It is a run down hole in the wall, but it's AWESOME. And the food? Amazing. We ordered 3 plates, and two diet cokes and the bill was $18.25. The noodles were so good I couldn't stop eating them. BUT WTF? SO CHEAP! How?

We leave the restaurant very full and take a walk. At this point, I am tired. I've lugged around bags all day and ate a heavy greasy meal. Nic wants to walk UPHILL to go see Grace Cathedral. I am cranky and whiny. I do whine at him. BUT I insist we walk up the hill to see it, because I'm a bitch and contrary and because honestly, he really wanted to go, so I knew it was important.

When we got there, i was cursing because i didn't have my camera. It was beautiful and worth the walk. Ok, it was astoundingly beautiful, this church. And the adjoining fountain made me gasp.

After that, we bought some libations and went back to the hotel, and that's where you find me now. I should sleep soon. Body is tired, but mind is wired.

I will update more later. :)


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