Apr. 7th, 2010

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Last night Nic and i went to Lark. It was very tasty - my favorite dish being the half wild mushrooms. I also had the seared foie gras, because I am mean to ducks. It was very tasty, but unlike when I had it at Uchi, the texture was a little more off putting. At Uchi, the texture was more like a buttery rich, this was a little more liquidy. It was still good though, and every plate we ordered was delicious.

We ordered:
3 cheese plate - One cow (Appenburger), One goat, one sheep. All were delicious, I especially liked the goat. (It's not listed on their online menu, nor is the sheep, but the sheep cheese was rolled in herbs and was soft and buttery like brie.)
Sautéed half wild mushrooms with garlic, olive oil and sea salt
Bluebird Grain Farms farro with morel mushrooms and garlic confit
Carpaccio of Yellowtail with preserved lemons and green olives
Alaskan spot prawns, soy milk skin, Spring onion and Miner’s lettuce
Seared Sonoma foie gras with cocoa brioche and blood orange (this is the online menu listing, my dish was different)
Poached organic egg with chorizo, peas, morels and garlic emulsion

To be honest, I did not love mushrooms nearly as much until i moved here. the variety and selection is really amazing, and people really do know how to cook them well.

Tonight I am making crab cakes with red pepper mayo, Mediterranean Orzo Salad with Feta Vinaigrette (though, no orzo, and I'm using Chevre instead of Feta), and a Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail, minus the alcohol. Liver needs a break, or it's gonna look like Foie Gras. So far, the red pepper mayo tastes amazing.


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